Friday, January 2, 2015



Hola hola hola!!

Hope that you all are enjoying this Christmas season as much as I am! It is awesome to share the story of Christs love with everyone, especially in this time of year.  Mom thanks for taking care of Elder Ortega and I with the packages.  He liked his advent calender so much he ate it all in one night.  He told me the whole day by day thing just wasn't any fun ha..but thats just Ortega.  It has been a little bitter sweet this time of year because I have so many great memories of Christmases at home, but I do my best to focus on the work!

So I don't really know what is happening with Sergio.  He has been so close so many times to finally recognizing the truth, but there is something holding him back.  He is still on date for this sunday, but to me it does not look that good.  He didn't come to church last week, and he hasn't been reading.  How can he know if it is true if he doesn't read?? We are still praying and doing everything we can to help him, but it is his choice right?

Well I titled this email Commandments ha, and I'm just trying to get my thoughts out on paper.  Our ward us really struggling right now.  Our bishop is less active and comes once every three weeks.  Our second counselor just moved, we don't have an elders quorum president or a mission leader, and the members don't keep the commandments! I don't know why, but they don't keep the commandments.  This week we were going to eat with family after church.  We got in their car and they said that they were going to take us to a restaurant because they forgot to cook.  Everyone seemed to be on board except for me.  I told them that we weren't going to do that on Sunday. After arguing for a little with them and my comp they just bought some street food and took it to their house.  When we got to the house My comp and them started complaining how there wasn't a lot of food, and it was the Utah Gringo's fault because he wouldn't let them go to a restaurant.  I proudly said that yes I am from Utah, and my parents raised me to keep the commandments.  I am so thankful for those simple lessons growing up.  Keep the commandments, in this there is safety, in this there is peace.  I can't really put how I feel in this email.. It won't work.  It really just hurts to see so many people struggle because their hearts are so hard.  I know that I need to do better, and that there is many ways I can improve, but I am trying so hard and nothing seems to budge.  But missionaries have had it worse than me and had better results.  So what else can we do but keep the faith and work harder?

This probably the last letter till after Christmas, so a Feliz Navidad a todos!  I hope that its a good one, a really really good one.  And I'll see you on skype christmas day :)

Elder Jacobsen

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