Sunday, January 4, 2015


Too many perros.

Hola hola hola!

I sure hope it is not as hot there as it is here.  We just entered the
Caniquila, which is the 40 hottest days of the year down here.  And
let me tell you, it is really hot!! Elder Cummings is dying haha.  He
told me the first day that he got here that he was a sweaty
person....and basically he is bathing in his own sweat the entire day
ha.  But with the heat comes blessing I think.  This week however we
didnt see them...well as far as investigators go.  Jose Luis didn't
come to church and is completing with any of his committments, and
think that we are going to have to drop him. We were abe to find a
bunch of news, but when we went back for the second lesson the already
didn't want anything more.  The good thing is that we are remaining
diligent and searching for the people god has prepared for us.

Sooo I have never had a problem with dogs until this week, but now I
hate them.  First we went to visit my convert daniel and there was a
super mean pitbull there at his apartment. We went walking past it and
it jumped out to bit be but only got a hold of my book of mormon that
I cary every where.  It ripped it out of my hand and was going crazy.
When he finaly dropped it there was a hole where he had bit through.
I guess I am just lucky that it wasn't my hand.  Then the very next
day we went to visit a menos activo.  I knew that they had a pretty
mean dog, so this time I came prepared.  I told Elder cummings to grab
me a big rock before we started walking down the path.  Then we went
tip toeing and calling the family's names.  All the sudden I heard a
big bark, I told elder Cummings to run but he didn't believe me.
Their huge wolf like dog came running out and was freaking out.  I had
the rock in my hand and came faking like I was going to throw it at it
to stall it a little bit.  We backed out little by little until we
were in the street and finally the dog stopped lunging at us.  My
blood was pumping sooo hard! But in both situations we were saved ha.
I only wish that my dog repeller still functioned.

Well thats it for this week...have fun on trek!

Elder Jacobsen

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