Saturday, January 10, 2015


Feliz Navidad!!
Hola hola hola!!

Its hot here today.  I wish the weather would just choose to be hot or
cold, I do not like the daily changes, but its all good.  We have had
a week full of christmas cheer so far and our busy spreading the good
tidings with all.  Thank you so much for the packages....we were
stunned when we got them haha!!  I am still the most loved missionary.
And thanks to the Walks as well...that tie is awesome!

I need to give a thanks to the eaglewood ward bishopbric for all the
snack and strolls that they did.  I dont know why it took me this long
in my mission to remember those good days, but it finally hit me that
that would be perfect here.  We told the bishop about it and he loved
it and jumped right on board.  We made a bunch of cupcakes and hot
choclate and took it to a couple of the busy parts of our area.  We
had probably like 30 members that came and helped us give it out and
invite people to church.  The support was awesome!!! Afterwards we
went back to the church and had a testimony meeting....the members
felt something that a lot of them never had felt before...the
christmas (missionary) spirit!  We hope to have a great week with the
new people we found to teach.

We are teaching a little nine year old right now from a recently
activated family.  His name is Carlitos and he is difficult. He was
scared to stay by himself in primary, but this week we finally got him
to do it. He is on date for the 6th on enero!

Well I hope you guys are having an awesome christmas time and are
sharing the Dádiva with everyone!  I will probably be calling around
12:00 on the 25th!

Elder Jacobsen

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