Friday, January 2, 2015


We're making progress!

I finally got packages :)
Hola hola hola!!!

Mis querido amigos another week is down here in Monterrey...the time is just flying by...well most of the time haha! I finally received your packages mom, it is nice to feel loved again ;) The christmas music is much appreciated, but the pictures are definitely my favorite part!

Our fast and testimony meeting on suday in Independencia was awesome! All of the members stood up and bore their testimonies of their conversion and how much they loved the church.  They also talked about how they are feeling the urge to share the gospel with others now.  They all said that it is their job here on earth to share the gospel with others.  It was so aweosme because that is exactly what we have been praying for! I have been praying so hard that the members would have this change of heart and start to help us.  And it is starting to happen! This week we made a calender and had everyone sign up for a date when they could come and work with us.  We have about a half of it filled up already! And each time we go with someone we are asking them to take us to meet their friends.  So far it has worked really well!  

we have fun in the office haha
One of the people we met is Sandra.  And we had a really awesome lesson with her! We got to her house and talked a little bit, then We started to teach the Plan of Salvation.  But the whole time I felt like we needed to change the lesson.  So all of the sudden we switched and just started teaching her about baptism and repentence.  It was definitely the right choice, because she just loved it.  She was asking questions like, "well what will happen to me if I don't repent of my sins?" Ahh it was just super cool!  We invited her to be baptized on the 29th and she accepted. The spirit was so strong in the lesson I had chills!  I am really excited to keep teaching her and watch her progress! 

Sergio is still plugging along. We had to move his date back again. I'm scared that this is going to be our last week with him.  He just won't come to church! So keep him in your  prayers, he needs it! 

Love and miss all you guys, Hope that all is well in Zion haha

Elder Jacobsen

our sweet calendar

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