Friday, January 2, 2015


the view from the danger zone of indepe ha

It's never easy, but always worth it?

Hola hola hola!!

So what has gone down this week in Monterrey?  Walking....a whole lot of walking haha.  We are just tearing the area up right now, basically running from cita to cita to fit all the people in we want to visit.  The excitement that we have in our companionship is awesome! Elder Barrera is giving it his all with me and we are having a great time!

Anddd....this week we had 4 Investiagators in the church!!  2 of them were Gloria and her husband Alejandro.  We met him on saturday and he is just as great as Gloria is.  He had even looked up the restaration movie online and watched it before we got there.  We taught them that day about the sabbath day and the sacrament and they were super excited to come to church after that.  They came and really enjoyed it.  There baby Misael was a little bit out of control at first ha, but we all know that little kids love me, so I started drawing with him and stuff and he calmed right down :)  A lot of the talk in the church was about baptism, and Alejando asked us, "I'm not getting baptized today am I?" we told him no and he was like, "oh okay good, I don't feel ready yet, but in 3-4 weeks I will be."  It was soo cool with them on sunday, the spirit was soo strong!  But it's never easy is it....on monday we had a lesson planned with them, but Gloria called us and said that MIsael had test results in from the doctor and they had to go check them out.  Then she called us from the hospital and said that they were going to be in there all week, that most likely they were going to start chemo.  Hard to believe right?  So we haven't been able to see them at all this week.  We sent the Elders in the area of the hospital to visit them, and they should be going today.  But we aren't sure if they are even allowing visitors.  I'm praying that this will only bring them closer to God, but who knows when we will get to see them next :(  

looking for house for indepe B ;)
We also had one of the members bring her niece to church.  Her name is alessandra and she is 15 years old.  She had been to church a couple of before, but not for a few years.  She was super happy to be there though, even though she was the only young woman ha.  But she agreed to a lesson with us as long as her aunt was there with here.  So we went and taught her last night and she told us that she wants to be baptized!  We are now just waiting for the permission of her mom, which I think that we will be able to get!  If so, she will be baptized on the 9th of february!  

I hope that that is a good summary of this week ha.  I don't know what we can do with Gloria and Alejandro other than pray and fast....I know in the end all we do will be worth it.

Mucho amor,
Elder Jacobsen

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