Friday, January 2, 2015


elder reyna, barrera and I

Hola hola hola!!!

We had changes this week, which meant a whole lot of time here in the offices.  We weren´t able to leave monday or wednesday at all, and only for 2 hours on tuesday.  Sometimes I get a little crazy being cooped up in here for that long ha, but we make it fun.  The heat is starting up  here again which makes me really happy.  I hated the cold (even though it wasn't that cold) and I just love the heat and sun. All the mexicans think I'm crazy ha.

This week we also had the visit from Elder Oaks!  What a cool experience, he delivered such a powerful message and brought such an amazing spirit.  He talked about a lot of things, but what stuck with me most was how he talked about the Sacrament.  He said that the most important question we can answer in our lives is how we can have the spirit with us always.  And he told us that the answer is simple...Partake of the sacrament.  It is our opportunity every week to show our Father again that we are willing to follow his son. That the stuff we did the week before we recognize as being wrong, and that we won't return to the same mistakes. It is the way that we grow in this life, and prepare ourselves for the life to come.  He told us to be prepared every week to take the sacrament and to teach the importance of it to everyone we teach.  I gained a new knowledge of the sacrament and every sunday from now on will be a little bit more special.

"real" missionary work ha
This week with Gloria has us confused.  We were finally able to find her husband and teach him on saturday night, and although he wasn't too excited about it at first he committed to come to church with us again.  We had a special conference on sunday with Bishop Davies and Gloria and Alejandro came and really loved it.  They got to meet Bishop Davies and President Swapp and they felt the spirit really strong!  We went by their house on tuesday night excited to teach them about the apostasy again so that Alejandro would understand, but we got there and they told us that they decided that they were not going to go to church or listen anymore.  We could tell that it was only his decision because Gloria wouldn't even look at us during the lesson.  But we were able to save it a little bit by teaching them about the apostasy.  Alejandro tried to tell us that he knew about the bible and that he was catholic, so we asked him to bring out his bible and taught him very strongly from it ha.  He had a little better attitude and we have another lesson with him tonight.  But we went to visist gloria on thursday and she was great as ever without her husband there.  She had finished 1st nephi and had a million questions.  She told us that she and Alejandro had fought over the book of mormon.  that he said it wasn't true without reading it. But that she said it was ture, that she knew it was a book put together by a profet mormon.  Kind of a bitter sweet moment for us, she is growing so well!! Her testimony is in the book of mormon, but her husband is being very hard.  We are working hard to resolve his doubts!

Keep Gloria in your prayers, she is going to need all the help she can get.  Thank you for all the love and support!

Elder Jacobsen

My favorite peruvian went home this week :(

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