Friday, January 2, 2015


at church with sergio

Hola hola hola!!

Wow finally a normal Friday pday ha! Well mom I am officially back on top as the most loved missionary in the mission haha, thank you for all the packages :)  What else....oh I have already been gone six whole months! Crazy huh! The time really just zips past, It is amazing how close the start is to the finish haha.  I like monthly milestones like this though, because it gives you a good chance to fix certain things, look back on how you have done, and do everything possible to get better.  With time moving so fast there is no time to waste.  The Lord is hastening his work and we need to get on board.

Wellll.....We had to move Sergio's baptism to the 22nd of December.  We did a practice interview with him, and he didn't pass.  We got to the question about joseph smith and the restored church.  He froze up a little bit and said that he couldn't tell us that he believed it yet.  We started asking him questions and finding out where his real doubt was.  As he started telling us how he felt it all just started making sense to me.  He told us how he has been reading the book of mormon and that he has been comparing it with the bible and how they work together and he knows it.  He told us that he has nothing against joseph smith and that he love going to church.  We were like, "sergio, what is missing then" He told us that he wants to be able to testify of the truth like we do, that he goes to church and hears the members testify of the book of mormon and joseph smith with 100% surety of their hearts.  He said that he knows that when the members testify it is true, he can feel it when they testify.  When he said that I got a little excited.  He is looking for the right thing!! He doesn't just want to hang out at church, or just go to activites, he wants to know so that he can testify of the truth.  I felt the spirit so strong as he was telling us this that I could do nothing but continue to testify ha.  We promised him that this testimony he is looking for is growing.  That if he keeps reading and praying there will be know way that he can deny it.  Ah I am so excited for him to testify in 2 weeks, he will be a great missionary!
twelve days of christmas with elder ortega

This lesson with sergio made me think back on my own testimony a little bit, made me think of the Book of Mormon.  Man do I love the book of mormon.  Reading it is like reading a new book everytime, but at the same time it is so familiar.  I want nothing but to share it with everyone.  There are some missionaris (my comp) That think you have to wait to introduce it to people.  That isn't so.  There isn't a better way to help some one feel the spirit than to read the book of mormon with them and testify. The book of mormon is the cure for so many of our problems.  Both with our investigators and with the ward members.  If every family would read the book of mormon everyday we would have a city of enoch ha.  It is neglected so much here, both by missionaries and by members.  But that is nothing that a good testimony can't change, which is what I am working on now :) READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!

Elder Jacobsen

yard work in Mexico

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